Friday, February 12, 2010


Well, I was working on the computer and Bo was in his room "doing something" he was giggling loud and having a good time so I let him just play. When I was done I went in and this is what I found . . .!!! ALL his book on the floor. I have a sneaky suspicion that he as throwing them at the dog and the dog was in it for the cookie I think he had??? Hmmmmmmm :0 Well, the good news is that he helped me pick them ALL up before nap time and the bookshelf looks great again!

Today I tripped over the gate coming up the stairs and fell over it hard! Bo ran over immediately to me and put his head on my shoulder as I was lying on the floor to love on me. Then he picked up the soda cans and carried them into the kitchen for me. LOVE THAT BOY! He's got such a sweet spirit :)

Josie turns 8 Weeks! Bo rides a plane!

Well, we've had a big week! Josie turned 8 weeks old on Thursday and Bo now loves
airplane rides!:) Yes, those are my feet . . . Now, Bo says "superBO" in the air . .. I just thought his face was too much and had to share. Josie is sporting one of BO's baby outfits that I found. I just loved this one :) She looks good in blue :) She's smiling a ton and cooing . . . She loves her playgym and swing right now.

And, yes, those cheeks are real :)!!!!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

SUPERBOWL Party at the Laxton's

We hosted the youth group for the superbowl at our house. Needless to say it was CRAZY downstairs . . . the smart ones stayed upstairs! I pulled out Bo's best BLUE (for the COLTS of course) outfits for the game!! This was her expression when she heard the Saints scored that last touchdown to secure the game!!! Her and I were upset about it. Rebekah and Josie . . . After learning of the Colt's loss Josie decided it was enough and gave up for the night.

Joe and Julie and Baby??

This here BO is orange drink. . . Num Nums (this could be a commercial Pic LOL)

Becky tank, Nattalie Tank, and Josie . . . I think Nattalie is Josie's biggest fan :) Nattalie helped with Josie all night.

This was Josie's first outfit before the spit (hee hee hee) this is the outfit Bo came home from the hospital in! has footballs all over it. Perfect for the occasion. Of course we made sure she had a bow so there was no confusion ;)

Aunt Julie and Josie

I made helmet cookies (some look like helmets) . . . the game was eat the cookie for the team you are rooting for . .. they were both gone :)

Daddy and Josie's first game together :)

Nattalie and Josie

Daniel Tank and Bo . . . I think Daniel got tackled more than some of the players on TV thanks to Bo!

Checking out Josie's football outfit!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bo's First Bible Verse

This is BO's first Bible verse . . . granted there are only 3-4 key words you can make out, but he's learning it! It's so exciting to see him speak God's Word!

This is the day the LORD has made, Let us rejoice and be glad in it.

play time . . .

Josie under the mirror!

Play Time!

Today was the first day I put ANYTHING in front of Josie! I laid her under the play gym . . . She loved it! Especially the mirror. She would find herself in it and just smile and kick. Bo was interested in it too so he got a turn as well. :) As you can see in just about every picture he has a tractor in his hand . . .

She's seeing herself in the mirror here . . .

Bo would have crawled under with Josie had I let him !!! yikes!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Brotherly Love

Bo is such a good brother . . . I can't wait till Josie can interract with him. He'll be so excited!!:)

Josie 6 Weeks

Josie is all smiles now . . . she's really changing lately!! Bo's more interested in her now. He's always wanting to have her things more than his things, i.e. the swing, her passy, etc . . . !!! He's funny. He'll take her dolls and put her in the swing and say NO NO don't cry . . . :)