Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Slide

Bo on the slide with Joe . . .

Carnival - Slide

The slide was Bo's favorite . . . I think he rode it 6 or 7 times!

He rode it with Uncle Joe and then Dad . . .They said he'd giggle on the way up to the top :)


Bo loves the carousel. Johnston had their "fun" days so we took Bo. There was only 2 things he could do . . . the carousel and the slide. He loved them both though!


Bo finally got to get in the water! He was thrilled of course.

Aunt Julie got in with him since I can't! :)


Bo was excited to get in the Hot tub!

Hottubbing at Butch and Nancy's

Bo and the cousins went hottubbing at Butch and Nancy's . . . Bailey, Katelynn, Jenna, Luke and Bo . . . AND the adult . . . Aunt Julie!!
Bo and Luke were dying to get in!

Bo's plaid pants

Found these pants on a sale rack and thought they were too cute. Bo's on his way to church!!

Bo's First Ice Cream Cone

Bo loves to drive . . . this jeep was Bailey's when she was little! It's seen better days, but it has a steering wheel! ha ha ha

This was Bo's first ice cream cone. He did great, but we had to finish it :)