Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Josie - 4 weeks old

Josie was 4 weeks old on January 17th . . .these were taken Jan 14th . . . close enough! As you can see she's filling out nicely!!!:)

BO's been doing great with his new sister. He's a big helper and is more and more interested in her. I can't wait till she can start to smile at him and interact a bit! He'll be thrilled!

Bo's snowman

Bo was ready for some fresh air after being cooped up for almost 4 weeks now since Josie was born! It was super warm 35 degrees! we were both sweating when we came in. Truly was a heat wave. After we built the snowman Bo tackled it and destroyed it :) It was good times.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Josie's Newborn Pics

These were taken by Julie Glasgow ( who has done our pics for quite a while now. . . Josie wasn't even a week old when they were taken . . . kind of slow getting things together! I haven't even ordered them! YIKES!

Eyes like crystals . . .

Eyes like Brother?? I hope so!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Josie 1 Week Old

These were taken Dec 23rd, 2009 . . .

A smile??

I have a picture of Bo that looks so much like this! See Below! OK Josie has chubbier cheeks:)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Bo Thurman Turns 2!!!

Bo's 2nd Birthday . . .We ended up going down to Butch and Nancy's since Nancy had just gotten home from surgery on her knee and couldn't go anywhere . . . we brought the party to her:)!! Bo was so excited about his tractor cake . . . He would take everyone into the pantry and point to it (way up high on a shelf where he couldn't get to)

At breakfast Bo was showing me he was "2" . . .

Bo was so excited . . . we blew out candles 3 times:)!!

After Bo ate all the frosting off his cake he went on to try to eat Dads!! He's an icing fan . . .

Bo's tractor cake . . .

We put the jammies on before we left to come home . . . Bo got a whole cowboy get up from Grandpa Butch and he wears his hat ALL the time . . . loved the outfit, jammies, hat and snowboots . . . doesn't get much cuter!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas with the Nelson's

What a treat to have everyone up to our house for christmas! It's quite a treat because Donovan and Glynis and the boys live in Springfield! It was so nice to see everyone and have time for the boys to play together. We have 3 train fans which worked out great since Bo got a train set for Christmas:)! They also enjoyed playing downstairs with the misc. mess!

Dad, Vonda, Dalton (yes, that's Dalton!!), Josie and Rigley Donovan and Dalton watching the game . . . for some reason I didn't get a good picture of Glynis on my camera! Sorry Glynis!!! I promise she was there !!:)

Grandma Vonda and Josie
Cousins Bo and Brighton
Dava, Brothers Donovan and Dalton, Dad and Josie

Dad with Bo and Josie
Dad with his grandkids . . . Rigley, Brighton, Josie and Bo

Dad and Josie

The Boys, Brighton 3, Bo 2(basically!), Rigley 1 1/2 . . . Rigley is obviously the most excited about taking a picture . . . we were just taking the other 2 aways from playing trains! if you notice they each have a train!

Bo saying Goodbyes to everyone . . . Grandma Vonda

Rigley although you can't see his faceBrightonHere's Rigley . . . he looks READY TO GO!:)