Monday, July 27, 2009

Great Grandpa Fred and his Tractor!!

Bo and Great Grandpa Fred

Grandpa Turned on the Siren for Bo!Great Uncle Albert takes Bo for a ride down the street and Back. Made Bo's year! can't quit saying tractor. :)

Great Grandpa Fred and Bo on Grandpa's Tractor . . .

Bo, Great Grandpa Fred, and Great Uncle Albert getting ready to take a ride on the tractor!

Bo and Great Grandpa Fred

Bo LOVED the tractor and I'm sure wishes he could've been here vs the bridal shower!!!

Bo and Dava's 1st cousin Tyler

Weekend with the Salsburys . . .

Meredith and I made the cake for the shower . . . fun times

Bo and I went to Missouri to my mom's side of the family . . . The Salsbury's. We stayed with my Grandma Dixie (Bo's Great Grandma) on the farm. My cousin Meredith and her husband Steve and the girls (Megan, Lauren and Taylor) also stayed at Grandma Dixie's! They were in from Colorado for the Bridal shower for Merediths sister Pam. The kids had so much fun together and were wound up so much that each night I don't think the kids went to bed before 10:30 or so! Grandma Dixie had a mattress on the floor in the living room for the girls and they had a blast jumping and running and squealing all night. Bo was so tired when we got home the next day he slept till 9:45am!

Bo's 18 Month Pictures

Pictures done by Julie Glasgow at
We went to Big Creek State Park :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Water Park

Nice relaxing ending to a fun day . . .

These pictures were taken with an old water camera from the bahamas trip. I didn't know how they would turn out . . .


Water Park

BO saw a little boy laying down rolling in the water and putting his head in so this is Bo imitating him! So glad he loves the water !!!!

Took him a while to brave going through these but the steering wheel kept luring him in!

Bo and I went to the Altoona Water Park for the first time this season and of course he had a great time :) 0 entry, fountains, slides, all where he could walk and wade through the water.

Monday, July 13, 2009

?? mememememe ??

Jason started doing this laugh of some sorts to Bo and now he's copying it of course! It's pretty funny to see him try to do it too. He loves copying Dad.

Bo is counting 1 2 3 GO at the top before he slides down! Then afterwards he does the "done" finger pop . . .telling us he's done with this one . . .

Jumping Jacks

We took Bo to Jumping Jacks . . It's a game/pizza/ and blowup jumping stuff place. He loves this place. They put this 4wheeler in since last time we were there and Bo was thrilled. I think the pictures posted backwards on him climbing up to slide down but you can get the idea.

Bo at the Des Moines Zoo

Bo and Mommy on the train

Bo and I and our neighbor Natasha and her son Brock (6 weeks older than Bo) went to the zoo together . . . it was a great afternoon. The boys had a blast. I wish I could have gotten more pictures, but couldn't take pictures AND hold Bo! Bo enjoyed the Sea Lions presentation the most! We rode the train and he loved that too of course!

Bo walking in his boots

This is Bo's first time walking in the cowboy boots at the store. I missed the very beginning which was fantastic . . .he's kind of getting the hang of it by now . . . still cute!

BO's 1st cowboy boots

BO's new boots. Bo got his first pair of cowboy boots! Wears them almost everyday.