Saturday, October 10, 2009

E-I-E-I-O . . .

Bo in Iowa's First Snow

Bo's first snow in 2009, Oct 10th . . .


When they had

snow for today, I thought just flurries . . . but we have some ground coverage! CRAZY! We sang snow snow go away come again another day -- like December 24th! Bo thought it was pretty fun, Carmel our dog hated it!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bo and his Tractor Pumpkin

Bo just loves his tractor pumpkin . . . he just wants to carry it around and put it in his wagon . . . I have to set it on the counter to keep it nice :) He's such a tractor nut.

Josie's New Room - we're ready!

We're ready for Josie . . . how many more days?? Love this girl stuff . . . I love pink so that's good . . . I wonder if my mom would approve of all the pink?? hee hee (anyone who knew her knew she liked RED :0) I however am excited about the pink. It was fun making the stuff for her room. Definitely some new challenges in the sewing area for me but from far away I think it looks alright! I still have to finish the letters!

Bo liked Josie's room too . . . he clapped when we were done! I think he was tired of me working on it! No room is complete without a tractor in it!


When we got home from the patch Bo's custom painted pumpkin was finally dry . . . as you can see it's a tractor with his name on it. He loves it.

WE WENT WITH THE TANK FAMILY TO THE carroll pumpkin patch in Grinnell, Iowa. The next several posts are of the trip there. I don't think I did it in order though. . . this is the ending not the beginning . . . I can't quite figure out this blog thing :)

Bouncy Pumpkin

We got to take the tractor ride out into the pumpkin patch . . . it was pretty muddy so we didn't go into the patch for a pumpkin. They had a pond that the trail went around and a pumpkin catapult that launched the pumpkins into the pond. It was quite the operation!

The best for last . . . they had a giant orange blow up mat for the kids . . . Bo absolutely loved it. He could have done it all day long. There's an art to falling down on purpose and the giggles are priceless. Went sent aunt julie up there with him just in case!

straw barn, horsey, playhouse, pumpkins :)

A straw barn dedicated to just jumping and falling ! Great place for kids. Here's bo on the swing rope which he thought was pretty cool. about one time for me of holding him was plenty!

A horse just Bo's size . . . he looks good up there doesn't he! I had a hard time getting him off of it. What a cute idea for kids . . . no bucking, biting, etc . . .

Milking Time

They had a barn with Goats and a cow that the kids could milk. Bo thought that was pretty cool . . . As I remember that's not quite how it worked. As a kid I use to frequent the dairy barn of my grandparents at milking time. . . . even though they had "stirrups" they always needed us kids to "hold the cow's tail" hmmmm funny now . . . I guess that's what aunts and uncles are for!

Farmer Bo

Aunt Julie, OR Ju Ju, and Bo . . . getting ready to go through the tunnel!

More tractors and Mommie and Farmer Bo!

The Tractor Barn at the Pumpkin Patch

They had a shed completely dedicated to tractors and bikes . . . Bo could have stayed here ALL DAY LONG!! He found of course a "green" tractor without pedals so he could push himself along . . .

They had made a huge car looking thing and of course anything with a steering wheel attracts our boy!

He tried out the "red" tractor with wheels, but it just wasn't quite the same . . . he likes the green ones :)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Little Bo and the pumpkins. He always says num num when he sees a pumpkin ., . . It's because I just made a pumpkin pie recently and it WAS num num!

The Tank Kids (Nattalie, Johnathan, Bo, and Daniel) on the Tractor . . . Nattalie and Bo in front of the tractor.

The wheelbarrow obstacle course . . . . I think bo just liked being pushed around. Then he saw the little one just his size. He realized he could run, jump, and climb on the obstacle course with out a wheelbarrow!

They had a cow train . . . Adults could ride too! Johnathan Tank and Bo in Mattie the cow.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

We went to the vantrilliquist show in the loft of the barn . . .

Bo saw the "BIG" woof woof and wanted to check him out. Meet Bingo the Family Farm Dog . . .Bo was thrilled and amazed at his size:)

They had a old barn turned into a corn box (like a sand box) . . . was too cute. Bo thought it was pretty fun. . . mom thought it was pretty dusty :)

Church Spaghetti Supper

Our pastor made his special meatballs and spaghetti . .. needless to say Bo was a huge fan :)


Our new Bass Pro Shop just opened! It's huge and awesome inside . . . they did such a great job on it. THey say it's bigger and better than most inside. Bo of course loved the 4 wheelers outside!! I took more pics, but they aren't here?? so this is all I got unfortunately! Bo enjoyed all the animals and the "big" fish! Mom and Dad enjoyed the boats :)