Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Day 2009!!

This was Bo's 2nd Christmas and Josie's First of course! This year Bo was so much fun . . . We got him a train table and train set . . . We were exhausted from putting it all together the night before, thankfully, Bo slept in till 9am! I have video of him, but it's too long to put on here . . . when he walked out and saw it he gasped and said wow. It was too cute and worth the work.:)Bo got a BIG BARN to put all his tractors in!

Bo Loves to brush his teeth so I thought an electric toothbrush would be fun for him. Well, he loved it and brushed all morning long!:)Much like Christmas Eve This is how Josie spent her Christmas Day :) Gave us lots of "Bo" time:)!!

The weather here was pretty bad on Christmas Day, but Butch and Nancy braved it to come up and see Bo's toys and bring me my much needed pain pills I forgot on Christmas Eve!! I was grateful they were willing to attempt the drive!

Christmas Eve 2009

Josie's big day! Her first Christmas Eve!!!! This is how she spent it! She slept through a whirlwind of opening presents and most of the night. :)
Bo got SERIOUS when he say what this was!! Once Bo opened this gift from Papa and Nannie he didn't want to open anything else! We had 6 gifts left when everyone was done and cleaned up !!!! ALL he wanted to do is play with his new truck and tractor!
Bo and Luke got these guns, but I think the "big" boys had more fun with them:)!!!

Cousins Bo and Luke . . . Great Grandma Laxton bought the boys these suits . . . Luke is sporting his but Bo wasn't interested in putting down his toys for it!

Great Grandma Laxton and Josie

Big Brother Bo

Our automatic faucet in my room went crazy and wouldn't turn off . . . we had to call maintenence up! Bo got into his bag and wanted to help :) He actually held the flashlight for him to see. The gentleman thought it was pretty cute and paid Bo 12 cents for his time!! :) Bo held the money in his hand all day:)

BO was digging the bed and the all-you-can-drink apple juice!

Holding Sister Josie's Hand . . . still didn't know what to think of her at this point!

What are we going to do with this thing?

Monday, December 21, 2009

Going Home!

The New Kid on the Block!

She just may be the snuggler that Daddy was hoping for!!! She likes to nestle in your neck.

Great cheeks :)

Josie is very alert and awake a lot. She does sleep well at night already which is wonderful! She doesn't have her nights/days mixed up like a lot of babies!

Uncle Joe and Aunt Julie . . . practicing up . . . they are due June 15th!

Is that a smile???

Friday, December 18, 2009


My pics are not in order! I am typing one handed while I hold Josie!! ALL IS GOOD . . . God is Good!!! Josie arrived Dec 17,2009 at 10:42am. She weighed 7 lbs 13 oz and measured 19 1/2 inches long. She's very healthy which we praise the Lord for . . . I am recovering quickly which ia also an answered prayer! Bo doesn't really know what to think yet . . . It will be interesting to watch him :) Josie is a precious and content little girl . . . I think she looks like Bo as an infant.