Thursday, July 22, 2010

Down to the Farm

We were able to get down to the farm. Bo was THRILLED. He'd been asking to see Roger for quite some time now. Roger took him on a tractor ride which made Bo's week! He got to see Great Grandpa Fred adn Great grandma Dixie too :) We were able to see Ronda, Meredith, and the girls . . .
Cousin Clay and Serena and boys came for supper.
It was a fun time of course! :)

Great Grandpa Fred, Bo and Great Uncle Roger
July 21, 2010
Cousin Erin and Josie
Dava, Bo, Josie, Meredith, Lauren, Megan, Taylor

Feeding the cow
I think they were saying Here cow cow cow . . .
Dava's 1st cousin Meredith and Josie with Cousin Colin looking on . . . :)
Megan and Lauren
Bo getting ready for his tractor ride :) He's looked forward to this for a LONG TIME!

Great Grandpa Fred and Josie.
Doesn't he just look like a farmer kid with that john deere hat??!!
"The Girls" . . . Lauren and Megan were REALLY helpful with Josie! They entertained her ALL day!
The kids . . . Bo wasn't thrilled cause he was ready to get outside with Roger!
ALL of the Girls . . . Lauren Megan and Taylor with Josie
This here Roger is a REAL hat!

Josie Crawls - 7 Mo. 5 Days!

Josie officially crawled today! She is 7 months 5 days! I was working on it with her by the time she actually crawled she was crying and crawling! It was too funny. :)!! BO crawled to get my cell phone and Josie crawled to get a spatula that Great Grandma Dixie got me. Josie has been chewing on it and claimed it I guess!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

All about BO - 2 1/2 years old

Bo is now officially 2 1/2 years old. Boy has he changed since he turned 2! His language is so much more clear now. He LOVES being outside. In fact he would live outside if he could! As you can see the sky is dark and rainy here . . . it's been like that alot lately so everything is so super wet . . .
Doesn't bother Bo though he loves playing in the rain.

Bo was teaching Josie all about the special buttons on his 4 wheeler!
It was so cute to watch. Josie seemed interested!
A friend of ours' HUGE evergreen blew over in the last storm. You can see just how big the base was!
Same friends: the Jackson's . . . Bo's tractor buddy, Carl too loves tractors! Bo loves to play at Carl's house and frequently asks to go there!
Bo isn't picky . . . he loves all tractors:)
Bo wrecked his 4 wheeler . . . rode it up a tree!
He thought he was hurt but I assured him he was fine and play continued!

All about Josie -- 7 Months!!

Josie is now 7 months old! Any day she'll crawl! She has her two bottom teeth in and working on the top ones! She is still a very happy baby! She's fun to be around with her laid back personality:)!
Bo loves her and plays well with her.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Cousin Cali and Josie swimming at Dava's Neighbors pool! July 2010
Josie LOVES the water . . .
Bo was HOT. This was the day that it hit 99! He kept saying , mommie I'm Hot :)

Cousin Cali - almost 5 weeks old here !

Josie (6 months 3 weeks) and Cousin Cali (almost 5 weeks)

July 2010

Ok, I made these two bow. The one on the left is josies and the smaller one I made for Cali! That's why she's got both to model them for a pic. I don't plan on her wearing both !!!:)