Saturday, August 7, 2010

For the Glory of the Risen King!

Bo knows the song "Mighty to Save". Here I was able to catch him without him knowing.

"we're singing, for the glory of the Risen King" . . . . Savior, He can move the mountains, . . . "

At the Park

The other day it was only 80 degrees. It felt soooo nice out. We enjoyed the weather by hitting the park.

The Giraffe

A special friend of ours let us borrow this giraffe when Bo was little. He loved it. So now it's Josie's turn. The great thing about this giraffe is that its low to the ground and easy for them to climb on and if they fall it's not a far drop!

Under New Ownership!

The car is officially under new ownership! Especially since the previous owner has new wheels! The new owner is very PLEASED with the trade!


Cousin Cali (almost 8 weeks old) and the kids.

Cousin Luke and Josie
Cousins Bo and Luke . . . They were picking from Grandma Nancy's garden. Bo got a cucumber and Luke a green pepper . . .