Sunday, November 22, 2009

Daddy Time

Bo just loves Daddy time . . .

Indoor 4 Wheeling

Bo 4wheeling around the house and taking a break to read . . . this is where I found him :)


Happy 40th Anniversary to Butch and Nancy (aka papa and nannie) . . . We had a surprise dinner at Bravo then went over to Butch's sister's Sandy's house for a surprise party with some of their close friends. They all outlasted all the youngsters!!! Butch, Nancy, Tara, Jason, and Joe

Butch, Nancy, Kids, Wives, and Grandkids! We can NEVER take a family picture where everyone is looking at the camera at the same time . . . :)
Nancy and Girlfriends

Butch and Bobby Bradshaw . . . grew up together as little kids . . .

Bo and Luke chilling in the theatre room . . . after a long night of jumping of the couches and playing they needed a break. Fun times ;)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Bo and his 4 wheeler

He steers really good now and will get in the "lean" around a corner . . . a natural of course!

Uncle Joe and Bo . . . .

We think Bo thinks that the 4 wheeler is kind of slow cause sometimes he'll just push it to make it go faster . . .

After we were done playing Jason told him to drive into the garage and park his 4wheeler and this is where he put it . . .

Happy Birthday Jason / Bo's first Trick or Treating . . .

In Iowa they do beggers night on the 30th which happens to be Jason's bday . . . Grandpa Butch and Grandma Nancy were taking all the grandkids trick or treating so this was Bo's first . . . We didn't have a costume but I think he still looked great as a cowboy :)

Bo and Addie Thomas afterwards . . .


When Bo got home we took him to our neighbors so she could see him . . . only house we went to!

wrapping up the night . . .

Getting ready for the night . . . it took papa Butch and Daddy to put Bo together . . . notice the guns . . . he wears them ALL THE TIME!

Happy Birthday to Jason!!!

Daddy and BO with Jason's Bday Cake . . . a dirt bike track :)
Bo after helping mommy with the icing and spatula . . . he was pretty excited about the num nums

Fall 2009

Fall 2009

We have been at the park a lot lately while the weather is still nice enough to do it. He loves the leaves . . . he would rather play in the leaves than on the playground equipment :)